M. F. Daly established one of the first ever Abu Dhabi trading companies in 1967. These were pioneering times when the small community that existed then only functioned when everybody worked together for the greater good of all. Sound business relationships were forged and remain solidly in place today. Communication and transport were basic and unreliable. During this early period, prior to the establishment of UAE, the business was founded on a simple principle – meet the needs of the local market by supplying excellent products at competitive prices backed by reliable after-sales service.

UAE has been transformed since those early days in the formation of the Nation. M. P. Daly has taken over from his father and continues his legacy overseeing the progression of the company into the 21st Century. The company has matured to meet the demands of a sophisticated market while remaining true to the founding principle of reliable customer service. From modest beginnings Bin Moosa & Daly has earned a reputation as the Professionals supplier of choice. This could only have happened with the support and dedication of our people some of whom have been with us for over 35 years.

We have launched the “Moosa-Daly” brand as part of our strategy to increase awareness and demonstrate a step change in our evolution.
This is reflected in our commitment to continue improving service to our customers

• Substantial growth in our resources over the last 3 years
• Opening of new premises in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain
• Acquisition of additional warehouse and transport facilities
• Opening of a new Service Centre in Mussaffah
• Roll-out of updated IT systems incorporating ERP and CRM
• ISO 9001 accreditation
• Expansion into Qatar & Oman
• With many more initiatives to follow

Bin Moosa & Daly is and always will be a local company. We are very proud of our Emirates heritage


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