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Innowater offers new solutions for the water treatment, manufacturing their own systems of salt-water electro chlorination: domestic and industrial chlorinators; for the application of drinkable, industrial, waste and swimming pool water. Water disinfection represents one of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century. We are getting more and more conscious of the importance of water purification.

Often, the best solution is a combination of various technologies in order to satisfy, most efficiently and profitably the conditions of disinfection.
  • Salt Electrochlorination
    Innowater is at the vanguard in manufacturing chlorinators and produces its own electrodes. Their equipment differentiates in the salt electrolysis market because more powerful and advanced techniques are used. Specifically, chlorinators supply power through Switch Mode feed sources and they use a bipolar cell.
  • Electrochlorination with low salt
    The electrochlorination device with low salt is based on the same principle as the salt water electrochlorinators that is, to generate enough chlorine to disinfect the water through electrolysis of the dissolved salt in water.The system will provide the quantity of chlorine gas, or hypochlorite, necessary for the different services and applications. All this using only natural dissolved chloride in the water that has to be treated without adding extra salt or any other chemical compound.

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