The Ford Meter Box Co., Inc.

Gunmetal valves and fittings, indoor and outdoor meter setting devices, service saddles, iron meter boxes, covers and water meter testing equipment

The Ford Meter Box Company has been a leading manufacturer in the water works industry selling its products throughout the United States and in over 70 countries worldwide. Ford manufactures gunmetal valves and fittings, indoor and outdoor meter setting devices, service saddles, iron meter boxes, covers and water meter testing equipment. All Ford meter box products are manufactured in the most stringent manufacturing process and certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Ford Meter Box traces its roots to 1898 and the home of Edwin H. Ford in Hartford City, Indiana. Mr. Ford served as superintendent of the town’s waterworks, which struggled with shortages due to excessive unmetered usage. He set about to solve the problem by designing an outside meter setting that would stand up to the winter cold, and within months he was filling orders for his new meter boxes. In 1911, Mr. Ford moved his fledgling enterprise to Wabash, Indiana and The Ford Meter Box Company was incorporated. Since then, the company has outgrown two locations and has expanded its facilities numerous times. Today, production facilities in Indiana and Alabama support a comprehensive catalog of nearly 30,000 products and variations. Ford’s manufacturing sites, aided by satellite warehouses, service hundreds of stocking distributors and municipalities across North America. 

Over the decades, Ford has invested in advanced manufacturing processes, giving them a unique ability to partner with our customers in product development. The foundry and machining areas feature a flexible approach to production, providing high speed, medium run and small quantity lots to meet the customers’ delivery requirements. Group technology in cell assembly areas and the strategic use of robotics ensure high levels of quality and efficiency. As an industry leader in innovation, Ford continuously works to meet customers’ requests for new product development. 

Although typically buried and forgotten, Ford Meter Box products play a critical role in the delivery of a clean and abundant water supply. 

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Corp Stops                Saddles Tapping Sleeves                Drilling Machine                 Indoor Setters               Meter Boxes         
           Corp Stops                         Saddles, Tapping Sleeves                   Drilling Machine                                 Indoor Setters                                   Meter Boxes

Lids and Covers               Yokes                Coppersetters  Resetters                    Plastic Pit Setters              Curb Stops and Meter Valves                 
       Lids and covers                                     Yokes                             Coppersetters & Resetters                      Plastic Pit Setters                Curb Stops and Meter Valves

Curb Boxes                Meter Couplings and Fittings               Check Valves  Retrosetters                     Couplings and Fittings                Water Meter Testing Equipment
           Curb Boxes                    Meter Couplings and Fittings           Check Valves & Retrosetters               Couplings & Fittings            Water Meter Testing Equipment

  Repair Clamps                Cast Couplings               Fabricated Steel Products                   Restraint  Adapter Flange               ISO 9001
         Repair Clamps                              Cast Couplings                      Fabricated Steel Products                 Restraint & Adapter Flange              ISO 9001 Certificate

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