Davey Water Products

Pumps, controllers and complete water systems for domestic and industrial use

Davey is Australia's renowned international water products company. Davey Water Products designs build and distribute a comprehensive range of products for pressurization, transfer, conservation, treatment, and filtration of water.  

Davey manufactures pumps, controllers and complete water systems for both domestic and industrial use. The Davey brand is well established in the UAE market and has been in the Moosa-Daly range of products for more than 40 years. It enjoys a high reputation amongst local customers and has been used in many projects as part of Moosa-Daly assembled pump sets

Our Product range includes

  • Pressure systems
  • Horizontal and vertical multistage pumps
  • Submersible pumps for clean and waste water applications
  • Swimming pool pumps and filters
  • Salt water chlorinators 
  • Water treatment and Filtration products


 Davey Power Master
 Davey SLS & SLL
 Davey Pool key product guide
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