PP-R/PP-RCT Pipes and Fittings

Kessel Wassertechnologie GmbH – Germany Leading in water supply.

Kessel Wassertechnologie GmbH, Germany is the manufacturer of PP-R/PP-RCT pipes and fittings under the brand name K-Aqua.
The KESSEL Group has a long history in 
the plastic field since more than 50 years. 

K-Aqua PP-R/ PP-RCT Piping Systems is available from sizes 20 mm up to 315 mm. 
A complete product range in pipes, fittings, metal transition fittings, valves, unions and  all necessary equipment for a save installation is offered from one hand. 
K-Aqua has already been approved and used successfully in several National and  International projects like hospitals, hotels, private houses industrial buildings,... 
Different local and foreign approvals like, DVGW Germany, SKZ Germany,  Din Certco Germany, KIWA Netherlands underlines the high quality of  K-Aqua PP-R/PP-RCT Piping Systems. 
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