Moosa-Daly is a leading supplier of pipe connectors and house connections. From simple pipe saddles and self-tapping ferrule straps, our wide range provides high-quality solutions to meet diverse piping needs with precision and reliability. In addition, we provide a simple tapping method for use on ductile iron, GRE and AC pipes. Our house connection applications play a vital role delivering clean potable water directly to the home. We are the first choice for registered water supply contractors and government authorities.

With a commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards, Moosa-Daly’s products are engineered for durability and efficiency, offering peace of mind to customers seeking dependable solutions for their piping requirements. Backed by comprehensive services in system repair and maintenance, we stand as the preferred choice for those seeking top-tier house connections in the UAE. 

Pipe connectors and other fittings we offer:

Why choose our house connections?

  • 50 years of providing high quality house connections to the Middle East market.
  • We carry the widest range of products in the region. We stock gunmetal, polyethylene and stainless-steel valves, fittings and repair products.
  • Our unique tapping method allows us to tap, under pressure, any pipe material.
  • The Moosa-Daly sales team frequently assists in training our valued customers in best practice for product installation.

Frequently asked questions

Are Self-Tapping Ferrule Straps (STFS) only for use on polyethylene pipes?

Our Self Tapping Ferrule Strap can be used on PE, PVC and asbestos cement pipe mains. The specially designed cutter greatly reduces the chances of bursting a Pe/PVC main or creating swarf blockage while cutting. We also offer simple pipe tapping solutions using a very similar technology for use on several pipeline materials including DI and GRE pipe. Moosa-Daly is always keen to help discuss the correct use of our pipe tapping machines and our range of pipe tapping methods.

Is the STFS a valve?

The STFS is not designed to be a valve. However, if in an emergency, if you screw the cutter back in line with the mains pipe, it is possible to reduce the water flow to a property. As a villa or commercial property owner, you should never interfere with your pipeline connection - always contact the municipality if you are experiencing a leak. Moosa-Daly are happy to offer help and advise on any pipeline connection large or small.

How can I remove the pipe from my Talbot pushfit connector?

If you want to disconnect your pipe from your fitting, you will need to use a pair of Talbot pipe extractors (shims). Simply push these inside the fitting to release the pipe. But remember once you have broken a fittings seal, you will need to replace the grip ring. For all our spare parts, please contact our sales office who have excellent product and technical knowledge.

Pipework terminology is so confusing, can you help?

We have over 50 years of experience supplying the UAE with pipeline materials. It’s always best to contact our showroom or service center if you have any questions or concerns. In short, When you are talking about inch pipe, you are referring to the (ID) inside diameter, while if it is metric pipe, then you are referring to the OD (outside diameter) of the pipe. Remember all pipe materials have different types of jointing; threaded, pushfit, electrofusion, solvent welding, etc. Contact Moosa-Daly for more help.

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