Moosa-Daly houses a diverse range of drainage systems tailored to meet various industrial and commercial needs. Whether it be a soil and waste pipe system, buried pipe, or specialist chemical drainage systems, we offer versatile solutions designed to manage wastewater effectively. Amongst others, these include soil and waste pipe fittings, test plugs, and grease separators. In combination with our extensive repair and maintenance services, we ensure that clients have access to top-quality systems to address their drainage requirements with efficiency and reliability.

As one of the region’s market leaders, we also focus on innovation and sustainability. Our drainage systems are engineered to facilitate the safe and efficient disposal of wastewater while minimizing environmental impact. To achieve this, we partner with the highest-caliber brands in the industry – a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Drainage systems we offer:

Why choose our drainage solutions?

  • 50 plus years of experience in providing drainage solutions to Middle East market
  • The widest range of pressure and non-pressure drainage solutions in the region
  • Extensive range of products, accessories and spare parts ex-stock
  • Exclusively European manufactured products

Frequently asked questions

Are there packaged lifting / pumping stations for villas for sewage water?

Yes, Moosa-Daly offers a range of compact sized lifting stations specifically designed for villas, where the installation is simply connecting the inlet, outlet and providing the required power. Since our systems come with a holding tank, there’s no need to have a sump pit. We only need to place the lifting station in the appropriate location. In our range, we also have certain models that offer a completely odor-free system.

How is expansion and contraction controlled in the drainage piping system?

Terrain, a company with a rich history spanning 140 years, are the pioneers in designing drainage systems which uses solvent weld jointing and uses expansion couplers or ring seal joints, to accommodate expansion and contraction. The primary advantage of such a system is that the thermal movement is controlled in the design itself, which gives a superior control compared to a push fit jointing system where thermal movement is susceptible at every joint in the drainage network system.

Are there any formulas to size a grease separator / interceptor for a facility?

There are formulas and sizing criteria to choose the appropriate flow rate of the separator. Kessel separators are manufactured according to EN 1825, which has these sizing criteria. We at Bin Moosa and Daly will be happy not only to assist in the sizing calculations, but also to choose the product with its appropriate accessories. We work with a large database of consultants in the U.A.E. where we provide these services.

Where and how should we vent the drainage system?

Traditionally, there’s the 3-stack system used in the drainage systems in this country, where one of the stacks is dedicated for venting the system while the other 2 stacks are for soil and waste water respectively. As an excellent alternative, Terrain has a more efficient system called the PAPA (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) and Pleura system, which helps in balancing the positive and negative air pressure created within the drainage network. The advantage of such a system is we can save space in the stack design by eliminating the vent pipe and having more usable floor area or saleable space in the project.

Are HDPE drainage systems appropriate for chemical drainage / laboratories / hospitals / industries?

While HDPE has been used for piping systems with wastewater laden with chemicals, the more suitable product, purpose designed for chemically aggressive waste water, is Vulcathene by Durapipe. This can handle chemical combinations with acids, alkalis, solvents, detergents, blood samples, retro viruses and radioactive wastes. It has the complete range including traps made of borosilicate glass, dilution recovery trap, and more. We offer the service of designing the Vulcathene drainage system for your project.

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