Intrinsically safe lighting solutions


Designed and manufactured by Bayco Products Inc, Nightstick is an international brand of professional lighting products. Their range include flashlights, headlamps and intrinsically safe lighting solutions. Nightstick were founded with the expectation to exceed Industry standards when it comes to performance, quality, user-safety and value for money. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring these qualities are integral within their products are clear in their design and build. Nightstick remain focused on producing the industries best performing, highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

  • The lumen ratings of most Nightstick products exceed that of their competitors.
  • The Nightstick range all have performance enhancing characteristics – candela, beam distance and run times.
  • All Nightstick products use CREE® LEDs, the #1 manufacturer in the world.
  • Best quality housing materials and precision engineered reflectors.
  • Only state of the art electronics and latest generation battery technology is used.
  • They remain the best value products versus competitor products in the same class.
  • Nightstick products are produced in dedicated ISO 9001 Certified Factories and undergo numerous rigorous quality control inspections.
  • The Nightstick line of intrinsically safe lights have the highest safety rating in the world.

Product Range includes:

  • Headtorches
  • Lighting by Zone
  • Portable Lighting
  • Torches and Headlamps

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