Chemical drainage systems


Vulcathene is a completely purpose-designed chemical resistant plumbing system that has been specified and used around the world for over half a century.  

Vulcathene has a proven pedigree built over the last 60-years in dealing with all manner of chemical waste concoctions in the laboratories of schools, universities, hospitals and research facilities.  

Vulcathene is available via two easy jointing methods, mechanical for demountable joints and enfusion for welded joints, offering complete flexibility for designers and installers of chemical waste systems. It is available in sizes from 38mm to 152mm with a full range of laboratory bench items. Vulcathene is tested and approved by the British Board of Agreement for the purpose of chemical drainage: Agreement Certificate No 92/2805. They are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 and are subjected to a range of checks and tests. Detailed records are kept for dimensional and performance tests for each production batch. Each batch is given a unique identification number, which is reproduced on every fitting giving complete traceability.       

Typical applications

Laboratories in:

  •  Schools
  •  Universities & Colleges
  •  Hospitals & Clinics
  •  Pharmaceutical companies
  •  Research organisations

Key Product Features:

  •  Purpose designed for chemical drainage
  •  Two easy jointing methods
  •  Fully BBA Approved
  •  ‘Common Arrangements of Works Systems’ (CAWS) – applicable to R14

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