Pleion Industries is a world leader in the development of solar energy for Hot Water.

Pleion has been developing solar energy heating solutions since 2008.
Pleion designs, develops, and manufactures innovative and revolutionary solar water heating products.

No matter where you are in the world, you can count on two things for certain: the power of the sun to generate energy and Pleion’s solutions to be able to make the most use of it. Pleion’s EGO range of tankless solar water heaters are easy to use, while providing exceptional performance. These heaters offer superior aesthetic appeal when compared to thermosiphons, while the collector glass is made of Lexan making it virtually unbreakable. The EGO range also requires less maintenance as it comes with Duplex Stainless Steel collector tubes, meaning a sacrificial anode is not required.

The Product range includes the following models:

  • EGO 110 (Capacity 105 Ltrs)
  • EGO 150 (capacity 140Ltrs), EGO 180 (capacity 175 Ltrs)
  • EGO 220 (capacity 210 Ltrs)
  • EGO 260 (capacity 245 Ltrs)

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