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Diehl Metering is one of the global market leaders in water metering. A variety of technical innovations and the highest standards of quality and precision of its metering instruments and components make Diehl Metering GmbH  an important innovation and production centre within the Diehl Group.Their intelligent metering enables customers to handle natural resources and energy in a highly efficient manner. Whether wireless reading over radio or wired over the M-Bus: Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) makes water, thermal energy, gas and electricity consumption data available for billing and analysis.

The Product Range includes:

  • Hydrus Ultrasonic Water Meter – Static ultrasonic water meter for accurate measurement and recording of water supply.
  • Wesan WP Mechanical Meter – Mechanical bulk water meter for flow measurement on high flow supply lines with low-pressure loss
  • Complete AMR (Automatic meter reading) system

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