Electric Water Heaters


Atlantic is a well-established and renowned French brand, expert in all types of heating systems and home comfort appliances, with a worldwide presence. With more than 2 million water heaters manufactured every year, it provides an extensive range of storage Water Heaters with capacities from 15 to 3000 litres.  

The O’pro range is equipped with a sheathed heating element and magnesium anode which provides additional corrosion protection for a longer life. The tank has additional protection against corrosion due to the insertion of an Ohmic Resister, this feature is available in 50 and 80 litre units in both vertical and horizontal configurations. 

The O’pro plus range is equipped with diamond quality enamel and O’pro ohmic protection technology ensuring a long lifespan without failure. It is IP 24 compliant and has an efficient temperature regulation system. All units are covered by a 5 year cylinder Warranty and 2 years electrical warranty. 

The Product Range Includes:

  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Commercial Calorifiers

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