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For 50 years KESSEL AG has remained in the hands of its founder and now employs over 450 workers who are competent in the field of indoor and outdoor drainage. 

Founded in 1963 and headquartered in Lenting, Germany, the KESSEL AG Company is the innovation leader in the development, manufacture and supply of drainage products. With a workforce of over 500 employees and sales partners in over 50 countries worldwide, KESSEL shower drains, grease / fuel separators, backwater valves, pumps and hybrid lifting stations are specified in domestic, commercial and industrial projects around the globe. The products are ‘Made in Germany’ and ‘Made by KESSEL’.

KESSEL is a premium manufacturer of innovative products in the field of drainage technology and pursues ambitious goals of international expansion whilst endeavoring to keep its feet on the ground. They strive to achieve and maintain a leading position in our markets through innovative products of the highest quality. Kessel works meticulously to continuously and permanently improve all areas of the company and regard themselves as an independent organisation that creates and sustains corporate values.To customers they are a reliable, flexible and competent partner, and to their employees Kessel remains a secure and understanding employer.

The product range includes:

  • Grease Separators
  • Oil Separators
  • Lifting Stations
  • Drains and Channels
  • Backflow preventers

Drains & Channels

Drains and channels are drainage objects that serve to collect, hold and direct wastewater. KESSEL offers a wide range of products here for a large number of different applications. 

  • Project Drains – Floor and roof drains made of polymer or Ecoguss  for safety and fire protection in the project.
  • Bathroom/Shower Drains – Perfect combination of technology and design for new room experiences in bathrooms and wellness areas.
  • Shower Channels – Perfect combination of technology and design for new room experiences in bathrooms and wellness areas.
  • Wall Drains – Creative shower drains without barriers. For more quality, safety and design.
  • Basement Drains – Various variants with/without backwater protection for flexible use within buildings.
  • Stainless Steel Drains and Channels – Quality drains and channels in stainless steel for food processing operations. 
  • Drains for Exterior Installation – High-quality car park, yard, gutter, roof and patio drains for safe drainage.

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