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Effast by Polypipe ltaly is a well-established brand that is recognized throughout the industrial process market and construction industries for its market-leading range of uPVC pressure pipe systems. Polypipe Italy has developed Effast’s comprehensive product portfolio such that it now offers a proven and effective solution to meet most project requirements.

The Effast range offers the perfect combination of pressure pipe, fittings, ball, butterfly, diaphragm and actuated valves, compression joints, adapters and other fittings. Available in both metric and imperial dimensions these products are suitable for most commercial applications in such areas as food and beverage processing, chemical manufacturing, water treatment and agriculture. With outstanding performance and reliability, all products carry BSI Kite Mark accreditation and conform fully to the appropriate European standards.

Product range includes:

  • PVCu
  • ABS
  • Red ABS
  • Polypropylene
  • Accessories
  • Technical Information

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