May 14, 2019


  • During his period of rest after working hours, the doctor was often disturbed by the inconvenient noises generated by the pump set on the roof of the family room. He had come to the conclusion that this noise was a normal occurrence found in the pumps for the past years.
  • Recently, when there was a general maintenance service to be done for the pumps there, he had requested me as to whether there was any solution that can be provided for the above mentioned problem.


  • It was quite a challenging task for us as the pump set we had provided then was already one of the most efficient ones in the booster set (XF211SS) in terms of silent operation.
  • We replaced it with the new Dynadrive pumpset. Its major advantages include quiet pump operation, and smooth and constant flow.
  • The product was then effectively installed and the results were notable and positive. The customer was satisfied with the outcome and that showed our real success.


“The pumpset right above the bedroom, on the roof, used to generate disturbing noises throughout the nights often, when someone uses the water and thought it was a normal phenomenon. But I’m glad to say that Shaji had arrived upon a very good solution to this inconvenience. They replaced the pump set with new Dynadrive pumps system, which gives a constant pressure in my house system, Smooth and quiet flow and also am able to receive a deep uninterrupted sleep during the night as well. Thank you Shaji and team BMD.” – Client Dr. George Mathew (Ruler’s Representative Court Al Ain region Medical Advisor)