MSF receives donation as part of 2020 Ramadan CSR Campaign

moosa-daly pledged to donate 5 DHS per each invoice during the Holy Month of Ramadan. This year,  Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) was the recipient of the CSR donation.

MSF is drawing attention to the many refugee crisis in the world. Among them refugees in Lebanon, please find a recent article on MSF’s work on offering extra protection against COVID-19 to Lebanon’s most vulnerable.

Also you can find here a  video about the Thalassemia ward from last year, we planned to have an updated one however with COVID-19 we can’t risk the wellbeing of our patients and staff, hopefully we can have more updated videos when this crisis is over especially with Bushra and her brothers.  

The picture is inside MSF’s Kids Zone, where the patients become friends. Youssef (12) and his brother Abbas (4), with Malek (10) and his sister Bushra (14), they go to MSF’s pediatric ward at the Elias Hraoui Government Hospital in Zahle to receive Thalassemia Care. Also you can find here this article about MSF scaling up activities to respond to COVID-19 outbreak in Lebanon.

Thank you, MSF! We will continue to support your cause!

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