Successful Akatherm HDPE seminar in Abu Dhabi

Bin Moosa & Daly organized a seminar to showcase one of the new additions to our product range, Akatherm HDPE – Specialist drainage systems. The event took place on November 7th at the Rosewood Hotel in Abu Dhabi. In attendance there were 50 guests who sought to improve their product knowledge.

The seminar was opened by Andreas Krenz, our Technical & Commercial Director, who spoke in English and Arabic, keeping in mind the diversity of the guests. Andreas welcomed Akatherm HDPE as part of the moosa-daly product range and gave some insight on our full offerings.

Lou Frost, General Manager of Aliaxis Building Solutions, spoke about the Aliaxis Group and its presence on the world market. Founded in 1905, Aliaxis is a global leader of plastic solutions for fluid handling in building, sanitary, industrial and utilities applications through over 40 established brands. Apart from Akatherm HDPE, moosa-daly is an authorized distributor for two other Aliaxis brands, Durapipe UK (ABS Pipes and Fittings) and Vulcathene (Chemical Drainage Systems).

Tariq Abbadi, Head of Sales – Building Solutions for Aliaxis Building Solutions, gave an in-depth presentation on the technical aspects of Akatherm HDPE. We learned that the HDPE raw material is a high density Polyethylene, made from petroleum, that is impact and chemical resistant, durable, versatile and secure. In addition, this is a green material, recyclable and with a long life span. Akatherm HDPE offers over 800 specialized pipes and fittings, with integrated ISO 9001 quality certificate and thousands of possible applications.

This event improved relationships with our Consultants and Contractors in Abu Dhabi while strengthening the visibility of moosa-dalys’ extensive product range with emphasis on Akatherm HDPE’s Specialist Drainage Systems.

For further information on Akatherm HDPE you can download the Akatherm HDPE Catalogue or see the full Partner page.

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