Dubai Product Show 2017

More than 300 Guests, Principals and Employees attended the Dubai Product Show, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Bin Moosa & Daly, on 15thFebruary 2017 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai. On show was an impressive display of all the moosa-daly products , with each brand having its own stand and Representative manning it.

In the opening speech, Michael P. Daly, Managing Director of Bin Moosa & Daly, briefed the audience most of whom were  Consultants, Contractors, Municipal Engineers and Traders.  He spoke about the company history right from its founding in 1967, its expansion into other Emirates over the years and some interesting facts about the Founder of our company, Mr. M.F.Daly.

Luke Daly, Commercial Manager of Bin Moosa & Daly Dubai , then presented the company profile and described the wide range of products on offer. He outlined some major, prestigious projects throughout the UAE in which moosa-daly products have been used .

The latest in pump technology, taps and showers, pool maintenance, solar water heaters, plumbing systems, waste water management and anti-corrosion systems were a part of the evening’s array of displays. The brands exhibited were : Davey, Terrain, Effast, Durapipe, Kessel, SFA, Presto, Termicol, Vulcan, Broen, Bailey, Stuart Turner, Zenit, Rada, Diehl Metering, Aqua, Elecro, Ford Meter Box, Hamada and Denso.

The Product Show ended with a grand raffle , some fabulous prizes, a buffet dinner and entertainment by an amazing Magician.

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